Exclusion Times for Illness and Infectious Diseases at Cherry Trees

Exclusion Times for Illnesses and Infectious Diseases

This table shows the minimum time periods of exclusion for different illnesses which may affect your child. If your child does become ill and you are unsure whether to send them to preschool please contact us for advice, although we are unable to diagnose any medical conditions.

Disease/Illness Minimum Exclusion Period
Antibiotics prescribed First 2 days at home
Temperature If sent home, child should be off for at least 24 hours
Vomiting If sent home, child must be off for 48 hours, or 48 hours after last attack
Conjunctivitis Keep home until eyes are no longer weeping
Diarrhoea 48 hours after last attack 
Gastroenteritis Until authorised by GP 
Measles 7 days from appearance of rash 
Chicken Pox At least 5 days after appearance of rash when spots have dried
Rubella (German Measles) 4 days from appearance of rash 
Impetigo Until the skin has healed 
Threadworm Once treated (all the household)
Head lice Until appropriate treatment has been given and all lice removed
Scarlet fever and Streptococcal Throat Until appropriate medical treatment has been given
Planter Warts No exclusion, should be treated and covered as necessary
Mumps Until swelling has subsided but not less than 7 days from onset of illness
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Until symptoms have gone 
Ringworm Until treated